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Payment Protection Insurance

Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI, protects you from unexpected things can leave you struggling to repay a loan. A long, serious, illness. Being made redundant. Natural disasters destroying your factory or shop... Faced with any of these, many people would find it hard to repay their loans. PPI is all about your peace of mind.

PPI, means you don’t have to worry about how you or your family would cope. If you are faced with illness, bankruptcy or redundancy from a permanent job, PPI will take care of your regular loan repayments, helping you to relax and think about the future until you’re able to pay them again.  If you are unfortunate enough to die suddenly and unexpectedly, your loan will be taken care of.

PPI can also protect you in other ways... even the worst of unforeseen circumstances mean your credit rating won't be affected, and the friends, family, or employer who guaranteed your loan are protected, too. It really is a very good idea.


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